I want to welcome all our families and community members to Homewood High School's PTO website!


Having just finished my second year of having children in the Homewood School System, I can tell you first hand that getting involved at school is the key to having a fantastic school year! We have an amazing administration, teaching staff and resources here at Homewood but, as we all know, it takes a village to raise a kid. The school still needs our parental involvement and there are many ways in which to support and encourage their efforts.


A great way to be involved at school is to become a member of our PTO family. Whether you are a new to Homewood or are a seasoned HHS family, I want to invite you to join the PTO this year. By joining, you will be up-to-date on school news, our upcoming events (and construction!) and be able to further support our teaching staff and kids by volunteering for various events. SIGN UP TODAY!


I am looking forward to deepening the connection with our teachers through PTO. Through this partnership, we can continue supporting our kids and building community. Together, we can expand upon the great relationship established by our previous PTO members and volunteers!


I encourage each and every one of you to take the first step in becoming a part of the PTO team by: 1) liking us on Facebook; 2) registering and completing your contact information on the PTO website and 3) purchasing a membership (packages range from $15-$100). Regardless of the time you may be able to give, there’s a place for you and we’d love to have you join us!



Many thanks,


Gina Stokes






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PTO Sponsors  

 White Level $100+

PRN Capital*Dave and Ashley Condon*Jack and Wendy Ellison*John and Ann Hardin*Hannah Johnson*Dr. Joe Larussa*Trent and Josephine Lowery*Barbara Lummis*Tish Patton*Julie Steward*Gina Stokes*Tyler and Rachel Stone*Dean and Tracy Thornton*Timothy and Kimble Vardaman

 Blue Level $250+

Winn and Ashlee Chatham*Frontera*Grand Jete Barre Fitness*Grant and Mary Francis Haines*Magic City Auto Works*The Potter Family

Red Level $1000+

Dr. Deborah Sema Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics*The Farrell Burke Family