Family Sponsors

Helen & Toren Anderson                        Tia & Freddy Lawrence

Ashley & Dave Condon                          Dana & Mike Levering

Stacey Davis & Nick Sims                      Kelly & Dan Lowery

Lori & Patrick Dent                                Tiffany & Tyler McIntyre

Marian Dixon & John Cassimus               Betsy & Chris McLean

Julie & Everette Herring                         Leah & Jay Murrill

Pallavi & Anand Iyer                              Catherine & Paul Owen                           

Ingrid & Peter Kellen                              Jana & Tyler Watts

Many thanks to our PTO Sponsorship Families!
To become a family sponsor, please select the Friends of HHS PTO - Family with Sponsorship membership.

Community Partners

Jack's - Wikipedia            

Homewood Toy and Hobby   Maple Street Biscuit Company       Nickson Law    

We are grateful for our PTO Community Partners!
For additional information or ways to sponsor, please email