The mission of the Homewood High School PTO is to support and encourage cooperation between parents and teachers and to aid in the growth of every aspect of each student.  It is our purpose to partner with the faculty and staff of Homewood High School to accomplish their goals for each school year.  The PTO is funded through the membership dues and donations of parents and faculty.  Please consider joining us in our efforts by becoming a member.  



PTO Membership is $15.00 per family

PTO Plus Membership is $50 per family

PTO Plus Membership and Recognition is $100 per family


With your PTO membership, you will receive access to our online parent directory. 


*If you paid your Membership on your student's Fee Sheet during Registration, thank you!  Please create an account on this website to complete your membership. Membership dues are just one way that we fund Classroom Grants.  Donations are vital to our success as well.  Please consider making an online donation of your choosing.


Create an account!




If I join, do I have to...?

  • Go to meetings?
    No. You are welcome to attend our general meetings though.

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?
    Nope! Joining the PTO is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.



PTO Sponsors  

 White Level $100+

PRN Capital*Dave and Ashley Condon*Jack and Wendy Ellison*John and Ann Hardin*Hannah Johnson*Dr. Joe Larussa*Trent and Josephine Lowery*Barbara Lummis*Tish Patton*Julie Steward*Gina Stokes*Tyler and Rachel Stone*Dean and Tracy Thornton*Timothy and Kimble Vardaman

 Blue Level $250+

Winn and Ashlee Chatham*Frontera*Grand Jete Barre Fitness*Grant and Mary Francis Haines*Magic City Auto Works*The Potter Family

Red Level $1000+

Dr. Deborah Sema Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics*The Farrell Burke Family