Special Senior Traditions

There are several special, optional Homewood senior events and traditions that are not official school-sanctioned or PTO planned events. However, we want to be sure that all seniors and their families know that they are welcome to be a part of these fun traditions and events.


For more info about some of these traditions: PTO Senior Representative for the 2018-19 school year is Tracy Thornton, tracythornton@yahoo.com can put you in touch with other senior parents working on these other events. Homewood Class of 2019 Facebook Page is a great source for info too!

Senior 2019 Announcements


1) Senior t-shirt sales have closed as of July 13th;


2) Senior Pictures - contact Belmont Studios directly for an appointment if you have not received a reminder via "snail mail." Phone number is 205-403-4020.







Upcoming Events


PTO Sponsors  

 White Level $100+

PRN Capital*Dave and Ashley Condon*Jack and Wendy Ellison*John and Ann Hardin*Hannah Johnson*Dr. Joe Larussa*Trent and Josephine Lowery*Barbara Lummis*Tish Patton*Julie Steward*Gina Stokes*Tyler and Rachel Stone*Dean and Tracy Thornton*Timothy and Kimble Vardaman

 Blue Level $250+

Winn and Ashlee Chatham*Frontera*Grand Jete Barre Fitness*Grant and Mary Francis Haines*Magic City Auto Works*The Potter Family

Red Level $1000+

Dr. Deborah Sema Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics*The Farrell Burke Family