HHS Graduation Information

THIS LINK will take you the Google Doc created by HHS for the most up-to-date Graduation Information. There you can find details about events, location, what to wear, contact info, etc.  

HHS Senior Traditions

What an exciting time ahead!  We have a few "unofficial" senior events throughout the year that are not official school events, but rather traditions that are organized by the senior parents and approved by HHS.  These are all absolutely optional but we hope many will join in on the fun!



For more information or to join the 2020 senior parent planning committee, contact Betsy McLean at hwdclassof2020@gmail.com. Homewood Class of 2020 Parent Facebook Page is a great source for info too!






Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events


PTO Sponsors  

 White Level $100+

PRN Capital*Dave and Ashley Condon*Jack and Wendy Ellison*John and Ann Hardin*Hannah Johnson*Dr. Joe Larussa*Trent and Josephine Lowery*Barbara Lummis*Tish Patton*Julie Steward*Gina Stokes*Tyler and Rachel Stone*Dean and Tracy Thornton*Timothy and Kimble Vardaman

 Blue Level $250+

Winn and Ashlee Chatham*Frontera*Grand Jete Barre Fitness*Grant and Mary Francis Haines*Magic City Auto Works*The Potter Family

Red Level $1000+

Dr. Deborah Sema Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics*The Farrell Burke Family